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Durham Guns & Ammo
Durham, CA

Durham Guns & Ammo is a family-owned and operated business that is here to grow with your family. DG&A is run by Byron Pierce, an FFL licensed firearms and ammunition dealer, who has over 20 years of hunting, shooting and firearms safety training, as well as an extensive knowledge of the firearms industry. Byron Pierce and the Pierce family are friendly, honest, helpful, trustworthy, and here to see that you get what you want and need… not just the latest fads in guns.

Gold Country Sports
Newcastle, CA

We are a family owned company with a variety of interests and experience. Our different talents and hobbies have helped to create a versatile company that will continue to expand and grow.

Our Company strives to offer a variety of sporting goods for your enjoyment so many of our products are supplied by outside manufacturers. As a licensed firearms manufacturer, we can also supply you with custom firearms and ammunition. Our goal is to offer quality products at good prices and to provide great service to our customers.